Spirit Greetings--That's Spirit with a Capital "S"

If you look up the word "spirit" in the dictionary, you'll find that the noun version of the word has over 10 definitions. In Merriam-Webster's dictionary,1/ they range from "enthusiastic loyalty," as in school spirit, to a "special attitude or frame of mind" as in a helpful spirit. There are even definitions describing spirit as "an alcoholic solution" or "distillate of a volatile substance," or "a malevolent supernatural being," such as a ghost. Yikes!

With all the possible interpretations of the word, we wanted to go on record to define what and how we use the word in our business name, "Spirit Greetings."

For us, it's simple. It means God, as in the creator of the universe, and the Holy Spirit, the divine head of the Holy Trinity. These are two of the many definitions listed in the dictionary, as well, but the only two that are designated as capitalized.

This capital "S" distinguishes it from all the others and makes it clear that they spirit in Spirit Greetings is connected to our loving God, the Father and his Holy Spirit. This connection to God and His love is what we aim to reflect in all our work--from the hand-lettered scriptures, prayers, and quotes to the majestic photographs and watercolor illustrations of nature's divine splendor.

We hope you find our work blesses you and helps you share and spread the light and love of God.

Feel free to comment below on what the Spirit of God means to you. Thank you.


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